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You don't have to worry about dangerous dead limbs or tree trunks when Alton Tree Service is on the job. Our contractors specialize in stump removal and tree services. We are here to make sure your home is safe against potentially risky limbs hanging over your roof or child's bedroom, as well as any stumps you might trip over while in the yard.

Total Tree Care
We handle any tree care demand, from trimming and topping to limb cutting and removal. There's no tree we can't handle, whether it's big or small, out in the open, or tucked back into a corner. Contact us today to speak with a contractor about solutions for your specific needs.

Safer Stump Removal
After your tree is cut down, we get rid of the stump so you don't have to dig it out yourself or wait for it to break down. Once we're through, your yard is more open and sunny, giving you extra space to plant flowers or play with your children. Call or e-mail us to request our service at a time that best suits you.